Core Values:

1.Individual Respect, Mutual Trust

2.Team Cooperation, Common Progress

3.Disciplined, Results-oriented

4.Top Quality, Challenging Limits


1.To create infinite possibilities for the Internet life of human beings through constant innovations.

2.To benefit consumers by constant cost reduction through management and technological innovations.

3.To allow people to attain full growth and development, and to work and live happily.

4.To create world-class quality products, and to glorify "Made-in-China".

Description to Our Vision:

We will create products for facilitating the use and bringing extraordinary experience to users; we will continuously improve the usability and performance of our products, and optimize our costs. In this way, in three or five years, we will strive to become a leading company in the Internet radio industry. On this basis, we will continue to develop new technologies and products, to grow constantly in the electronics industry of web consumption products, and to keep creating innovative and high quality products that can improve the life quality of people. From then on, consumers will get rid of their prejudice against "Made in China" thanks to the internationalization of the quality of our products. They will find that the products made in China are becoming quality products full of creative ideas. The members of our team will grow up together with the company throughout the process. They will experience the pleasure of creation and transcendence, as well as the fun at work. Meantime, they can also receive lucrative incomes!

Development History:

1. October 22, 2004, Shenzhen Full Join Battery Co., Ltd. was established.
2. 2007, applied to rename the company "Shenzhen Full Join Technology Co., Ltd."
3. July 10, 2007, the company obtained the "Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise" qualification certificate.
4. July 10, 2007, the company obtained "import and export rights".
5. November 21, 2007, the company registered the trademark.
6. December 8, 2009, the company won the 2010 international iF Product Design Award in Germany.
7. The early versions of Bluetooth products of the company obtained CE, FCC, ROSH, RTTE & EMS, LVD and other certificates; its Internet radio also received CE and ROHS certificates.
8. Since November 2009, the company fully deployed the work of establishing management systems.
9. At the end of November, 2009, the business philosophy was confirmed after discussion by all the staff.
10. By November 2010, the company has obtained 1 invention patent, 7 utility model patents, 30 appearance patents and 1 software copyright (including 3 EU patents).
11. After May 2009, the company began to introduce a variety of Internet radio products targeted to different market segments, and gradually began to build R&D system complying with standard specifications.
12. October 1, 2008, the world's first CSR chip -based portable Internet radio PPS-FM produced by the company was successfully trial produced, marking the initial success of the company's product transition.
13. March 2009, the company participate in the world's leading electronics exhibition CeBIT, and with excellently designed, unique and innovative products, it obtained the favor of many frontal brands, marking that the company began to enter the sight of world's frontal brands based on its self-designed and first-class intellectual property rights.
14. December 2009, DAB pre-research project was officially approved, marking the company's expansion to digital products.
15. May 2010, our DAB products (PPS003, PPS006) were formally finalized and put into mass production
16. May 2010, based on the research and development in Internet radio products, the company entered the NMP001 R & D stage. NMP001, a hand-held terminal type Internet multimedia product, which adopts embedded LINUX operating system and combines with wifi technology, provides online video, audio, podcasts and other personalized services via Internet connection. It supports the commonly used Upnp protocol in the world, allowing listening to news and entertainment programs at home, public places, at offices freely. This marks that the company will officially have the technologies and product design strength for entering the high-end Internet entertainment terminal products, which allows the company to stand the same starting line with the frontal manufacturers at the high-end technological level in the area of Internet audio-visual equipment.
17. October 2010, the company developed the domestic market, striving to allow the Chinese people to enjoy the convenience and pleasure brought about by wireless networking products, thus to further shorten the distance between China and the world.